Did You Find Mold In Your Home And Think It's Causing An Odor? Call A Mold Remediation Company Immediately

21 September 2022
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Have you found a water leak or damp wood or drywall somewhere in your home, along with a lot of mold? If so, this could be dangerous for your family, and it needs to be addressed immediately.

There are many health hazards and negative health effects related to mold exposure, and that can be even worse with constant exposure when mold is spreading in your home. Here are some of the things that you'll want to take action on right away.

Stop Using Fans

If you are using fans to try to dry out the moisture in your home and mold has already started to form, you could be spreading the mold spores in the air and causing the mold to get into other areas in your home. Once the mold has developed, the fans will not dry it out or be effective and you will need the help of professionals.

Get Professional Remediation

Mold remediation professionals will be able to come to your home to remove the mold. They have the protective equipment, skills, and supplies. Mold remediation will include the following:

  • Full examination of the property to determine what is all affected by the mold
  • Removal of construction materials and household items that are contaminated
  • Cleaning of the areas with mold to remove odors and stains
  • Sanitization to eliminate all the bacteria and fungi

You may need to have a home improvement professional come inside if you have building materials that need to be replaced.

Change Air Filters

The air filters in your air conditioner and furnace need to be replaced. These have been circulating air from the home and potentially air that has mold. Talk with an HVAC professional if you are concerned that there is mold inside of your HVAC appliances or ventilation system so you can get these areas cleaned professionally.

Exterior or interior leaks in the home can occur without you noticing, and then you can have mold starting to form in just 24 hours. Cleaning the mold in the home isn't just going to protect your family from health dangers, but it can also help to maintain the structure and composure of the property.

The remediation company will be able to start working quickly to target where the mold started and clean the house as needed. Talk with your homeowner's insurance provider if you think that this is a service that they are willing to cover.

For more information about mold remediation, contact a local company.