Repairing Your Home's Mold Damage

18 August 2021
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The formation of large mold colonies can be a significant problem for a home to experience. While mold is a serious problem, it is also fairly routine, which can make it important to be prepared for when you encounter this eventual problem.

Mold Is Capable Of Causing Structural Damage To The Home

Mold is well known for being able to reduce the air quality inside a home, but this is not the only problem that it can create. Over time, the mold will be able to cause substantial damage to the surfaces where it is growing. One of the reasons for this is due to the mold trapping moisture against the surfaces for very long periods of time. Additionally, the acidic secretions from the mold can greatly break down wood and drywall. This damage makes it important to quickly mitigate any mold that is growing in the home.

Some Molds Can Be Highly Toxic To People And Pets

Most of the molds that are found in a home are likely to be mostly harmless to healthy individuals. However, there are some molds that can be highly toxic to individuals, and these will need to be handled quickly and safely to limit the exposure that occurs. Failing to respect the hazard posed by these molds could increase the risk of significant health problems developing as a result of this exposure. Hiring a professional mold damage remediation contractor can be the best option for eliminating this particular threat. Having any mold in the home tested for toxicity can help you with deciding on the best option for eliminating this problem.

The Source Of The Moisture For The Mold Should Be Identified

Mold requires a moist and dark environment to be able to thrive. Unfortunately, this means that the problem may simply return to the area if you are unable to identify the source of the moisture and take steps to minimize it. During the mold remediation process, the contractor may be able to help you determine the source of the moisture that is allowing the mold to thrive. In some cases, they may also be able to assist you with reducing the moisture problem so that the mold will be less likely to return in the future. For some homes, these changes may be fairly minor such as improving ventilation for an area. However, you may need to invest in full waterproofing services for some areas of the home to stop water from seeping into it.

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