4 Fast Facts About Water Damage

20 August 2020
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Coming home to a house that has been flooded, whether by rainwater or water from a broken pipe, can be incredibly worrisome. Most homeowners know that water damage is expensive to repair and dangerous until it is properly dealt with. But what else do you know? Well, you're about to know four fast facts about water damage, and hopefully, they come in handy should you ever find yourself faced with a wet, flooded home.

1. Bacteria is the primary concern

There are a number of dangers associated with water damage. The number one concern, though, is bacterial contamination. Even if it was clean water that came from a freshwater pipe, there were some bacteria on surfaces the water touched, and now that the water has sat there for a while, those bacteria have had a chance to replicate. You can become very, very ill from consuming water from a flooded home. You should avoid even touching it. This is the primary reason why water damage restoration is best left to the professionals.

2. Every hour, things get worse

Call a water damage restoration team the second you know your home has water damage. This is not something you can put off until tomorrow or even until the evening when things wind down. Bacteria and also mold replicate quickly, and the longer you wait, the more work there will be to do.

3. Most items need to be replaced

Homeowners sometimes insist on trying to salvage a sofa or trying to save a floor that only got a little wet. But saving these things is not really worth the effort. Usually, you will spend a lot of time and money having an item cleaned or trying to dry it out, only to learn it really can't be saved after all. If it touched the water, just get rid of it and save yourself the headache.

4. Water damage restoration is a long process

You won't just hire a water damage restoration team, leave them to work, and come back to a perfect home a week later. This is a long process. Once they remove all the water and wet materials, they need to give the home time to dry out. Then, they need to replace the items that were damaged, from the flooring to the walls. That's a major construction project. Plan on being out of your home for about a month, on average.

Water damage can be a major problem to deal with, but with the facts above in mind, you'll do a better job.